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Let MPS Take The Worries Out Of Opening Your Pool!

MPS above ground swimming pool opening special includes the following:

1. Remove the cover from the pool
  • Includes draining the water off the cover (if there are no holes in the cover)
  • If the water does not have to be drained there is a discount.
  • Remove any and all winter items such as the winter plug or gizmo and skimmer winter plate.
  • Install the filter equipment and hoses to the pool.
  • Install the pool ladder (either in pool or a-frame type)
    Walk-in steps are an additional price.
  • Provide and install the startup chemicals as follows:
    • 2.5 gallons of liquid chlorine (5 gallons are included in larger pools)
    • DE if the filter requires it.
    • Salt if required (there is an additional charge based on the amount required. This is determined by a water test.)
    • We will rinse off the filter grids or cartridges when required. Additional cleaning can be provided (chemical dip) for an additional charge.

MPS in ground swimming pool opening cost includes:
1. Remove the winter pool cover
  • Drain the water off (if required)
  • Drain and fold up the water bags (if required)
  • c. Rinse off winter cover and fold up and put where required

2. Remove all winter items such as:
  • Winter plugs
  • Gizmo’s or skimmer bottles

3. Install (UN-winterize) all pool equipment:
  • Pool returns (eyeball fittings)
  • Skimmer baskets
  • Pool pump plugs - If the motor has been removed, there is an additional charge of $50.00 to re-install it.
  • Automatic chlorinators (as required)
  • Heater plugs and required equipment - If the burner tray has been removed, there is an additional charge.
  • Filter grids packs or cartridges (as required)
  • In pool ladders or handrails (as required)

4. Pool startup which includes the following:
  • Start the filter system (pool water level must be above the skimmers if not there is an additional charge )
  • Provide the start up chemicals
    -2.5 or 5g of liquid chlorine based on the pool size
    -De for the filter (as required)
  • If the customer wants the pool cleaned this is done three days after the pool has been opened and the chemicals have had a chance to work (vacuumed and leaf skimmed)based on the individual situation. Additional quotes can be provided at the opening.

Opening costs are based on the type of winter cover and options that are present on the pool.

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