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MPS Custom Pools

Was created to give the consumers of the Lehigh Valley a solid choice in who they could call upon to create the backyard of their dreams.  We have been in the swimming pool industry since 1990. Over the last 15 years renovating existing vinyl liner inground pools and during that time we have upgraded every existing swimming pool companies’ equipment, concrete decking, and liners. We have also seen what those companies have done right and where they were lacking. MPS Custom Pools has a simple reason why consumers should choose us for their backyard projects.

We also believe that we are more qualified to handle the complete project from start to finish and most importantly, under one single sales agreement.  We at MPS Custom Pools do believe that the customer should not be their own general contractor...
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What does this mean?  It means that MPS Custom Pools will handle everything including:
  • Permits
  • The supply of all the materials and construction of the complete pool project
  • The electrical aspects
  • Any natural gas lines
  • All concrete decking regardless of styles
  • Any retaining walls required to construct the pool
  • Fencing
  • Water to fill the pool


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